Attic & Roof Ventilation For Your Home

You might be surprised by the impact that attic and roof ventilation has on your life. This simple yet often overlooked feature of your home affects the longevity of your roof, the efficiency of your home, and your health and well-being.

Proper Vs. Improper Attic And Roof Ventilation

Improper Attic & Roof Ventilation Carries Big Risks For Your Home

Improper ventilation can cause your attic to hold hot, moist air at temperatures rising up to 150 degrees or more. These conditions damage roofing materials and will commonly shorten the life of your roof.  For example, modern shingles contain much less asphalt than shingles made even 10 years ago and will literally soften and deteriorate when faced with high temperatures. And in wintertime, an improperly ventilated attic increases the risk of ice dams – sections of ice caused by warm air melting snow on your roof and then refreezing on your home’s overhangs. Ice dams can easily tear off gutters, loosen shingles, and cause water to back up into your home’s basement or foundation.

Improve Your Home’s Efficiency With Proper Insulation & Ventilation

According to a recent study by EnergyStar, a properly insulated and ventilated attic results in a more efficient cooling system. Proper ventilation encourages hot, moist air to escape from the top of the roof. This allows your home to naturally cool itself instead of trapping heat and fighting against your air conditioning system. Additionally, proper insulation decreases overall air infiltration so hot summer air stays outside. 

Avoid The Health Risks Of An Improperly Ventilated Attic

Most importantly, your attic and roof ventilation has a major impact on your health. A dark space such as an improperly ventilated attic holds onto warm, moist air. This encourages the growth of potentially dangerous molds in your home and can result in a wide range of negative health consequences for you and your family. Mold remediation is also costly and may need to be disclosed when it comes time to sell your home, making it more difficult to find a buyer. Protect yourself and your family from risks by regularly inspecting your home’s attic and roof ventilation system.

Trust The Experts To Inspect Your Attic & Roof Ventilation System

Home Genius Exteriors is happy to come out and perform a free, professional inspection of your attic because we believe that every home deserves to be safe and protected for the future. Our team of experts understands the signs of poor ventilation and will make sure that your roof and attic have the proper amount and positioning of intake and exhaust vents so that air flows properly throughout your home.

Now that’s a breath of fresh air!

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