Home Genius Cares

We are thrilled to give back to the communities that we serve through our Home Genius Cares program.

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Giving Back

Supporting Our Local Communities

Our team knows their communities inside and out and understands where they can make the most positive impact. That’s why The Home Genius Cares program was started: As a way to give back to the communities we service.

With the local focus of Home Genius Cares, we transform knowledge into action. Each quarter, our offices will choose local charities with which to volunteer time and energy in order to make a meaningful difference.

Here's How We're Giving Back

The Home Genius Cares program was started as a way to give back to the communities we service, and the initiative consists of three critical programs.

The Roof Deployment Project

Every year, Home Genius donates its time and resources to support U.S. military veterans through the Owens Corning Roof Deployment Program.

Local Community Service

Our employees volunteer their time and energy throughout the year in a variety of community projects and programs across the regions in which we serve.

National Charity Organizations

HGE donates a portion of the proceeds from every project to support some of the most impactful charitable organizations in the country, from Ronald McDonald House to Operation Gratitude.

Home Genius Cares Owens Corning Roof Deployment Project

Supporting America's Veterans

Home Genius Exteriors has a deep respect for America’s military members and the sacrifices they have made to protect our freedom. We believe that every veteran deserves a roof over their head, and we are thrilled to be able to volunteer our products and services to make this belief into a reality. In order to help achieve this, we have committed to providing veterans in need with at least one free roof every year through the Owens Corning Roof Deployment Project.

A National Initiative

Impacting The World

Home Genius Cares goes beyond local, grassroots initiatives to infuse our values into everything we do and make the greatest possible impact. That’s why we will be allocating a portion of the proceeds from each and every install to national charitable organizations.