How to Determine if Your Roof Needs Repairs Before the Rainy Season

Rainwater can cause all kinds of harm to your home if your roof is not in top shape. So, before the rainy season begins, you will want to take a good look at your roof and determine if your home needs roof repairs. Below we have listed some top tips to help you decide whether you need roof repairs or not. For safety, you can assess your roof on the ground using binoculars rather than climbing onto your roof.

Missing Shingles

A missing shingle or two might not seem like an issue, but having one missing shingle makes it easier for your roof to lose more shingles.

Shingles Without Granule Coating

Granule is an essential protective layer of durable coating that looks like coarse, black sand. Look at your asphalt shingles to see if they are still coated in granules. If they are not, you might find granules that have run off into your gutter system.

Small Holes and Tears

Watch out for small holes and tears because little compromises can give way to big, pricey roof repairs later. That’s because any roof exposure can lead to a problematic leak.

Clogged or Leaking Gutters

Your gutter system is a vital part of your roof, diverting rainwater so nothing spills onto your foundation. Clean out any backups to ensure that your gutter system runs unhindered or have your gutter system replaced if it has more problems.

Damaged Flashing

Check your roof’s flashing for damage. Flashing is the flat, thin pieces of metal installed at the perimeter and protrusions of your roof. They help waterproof your roof and lead water away from seams and joints. You want your flashing to be properly sealed without any rust, holes, or cracks.

Loose and Exposed Nails

Nails are essential to keeping your roof in place, so survey your roof for loose and exposed nails.

Sagging Spots

Sagging spots on a roof let you know where there is poor ventilation and trapped moisture. This is a definite sign that you need a roof replacement.

Worn Out Shingles

Anything that makes your roof look “off” is a sign of wear and damage. Some examples include shingles that are discolored, warped, cracked, or curled. If your shingles are wet, they are trapping moisture and failing their job.

Overgrown Trees

Keep an eye out for trees growing close to your home and trim their overhanging branches to ensure they do not puncture your roof during a storm.

Interior Signs

Investigate your attic for wet spots, light infiltration, mold, excessive moisture, and extreme temperature changes. A wet spot on your ceiling is a good indication of a leak, too. These are all signs that your roof is failing somewhere.

Does Your Roof Need Roof Repairs?

If it looks like your home needs a roof replacement, Home Genius is the roof contractor you can count on to get the job done with high-quality roofing products and specially trained, locally sourced installers. Contact Home Genius Exteriors today to schedule a free consultation at your home.