4 Roof Maintenance Myths And The Truth Behind Them

Much of the roofing problems experienced by homeowners are a result of age-old myths about the do’s and don’ts of roofing. Perhaps they were once relevant, but with time, the materials and techniques have developed such that the rules really aren’t what they used to be.

Below we take a look at 4 roof maintenance myths and reveal the truth behind them:

The Cheaper The Better

The general rule is, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” This applies to both roofing supplies and roofing contractors. If a product costs a fraction of the usual, there’s bound to be a valid reason for it – and often this reason is not in your home’s best favor.

Similarly, with contractors, more skilled and experienced roofers will know exactly what the job requires and will quote accordingly without cutting corners. If you receive a quote that comes in way below the average, consider it a red flag. Either the roofing company is quoting inaccurately, or they are unaware of the actual work required to get the job done perfectly.

Chances are if you skimp on expenses from the get-go, it’s bound to catch up with you in more frequent maintenance costs during the lifespan of the roof.

Roof Maintenance Only Starts When You’ve Identified A Problem

Considering the money you’re spending on a new roof, it figures that constant maintenance is a must, regardless of whether or not you’re experiencing issues. In the same that you would take your car for a service every few years or miles covered, so must your roof be checked too. We recommend getting a professional  roofing supplier in every two years to assess the general health of your roof.

A Roof Warranty Covers Everything

Wouldn’t you just love that to be true? While some warranties are very comprehensive, they still don’t cover 100% of the materials involved in the entire roofing process. It’s important that you read all the details of the warranty at the inception of the job, rather than when you notice an issue that you think may be covered.

One example is a warranty covering the materials but not the underlayment – these are technicalities easy to look past if you just skimp through the details of the warranty.

DIY Is Easy And It Saves Costs

This is one of those myths most homeowners will believe until they do it themselves and realize first hand that the opposite is true. At the outset, DIY may seem like a good idea, but getting an expert in is always the safer option. Yes, there’ll be a call-out fee, but chances are you will save more that way than your own method of trial and error. Safety is another important factor here. Remember, if anything happens to you on the job, that’s all on you, whereas professional roofing companies have safety measures and insurance in place for these types of accidents.

Regardless of the type of roof system, your home has or the materials used in its construction, Home Genius Exteriors is confident that we can deliver a residential roof maintenance plan for you.