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Roofing system

Part of being a homeowner, other than living in it and enjoying your home, means that you have to regularly tend to it, clean it, maintain it and even upgrade it, if you’re up to the task. Regularly tending to your home allows you to keep your house in optimal working condition so that you and your family are able to enjoy it, and enjoy living in it. Regular maintenance and repairs can sometimes weigh really heavy on your pocket. Some issues don’t have to be tended to immediately as they don’t pose any immediate threats. However, there are some household problems that need to be seen to as soon as you note the issue. And one of these problems is your attic insulation.

Replacing your home’s attic insulation system is vital, especially when experiencing the harsh cold winters and warm summers of New Jersey. Roof leak repair can really be a big help in times that you have and old age, wear-and-tear and the infestation of animals all contribute to the degradation of your home’s insulation system. Home Genius Exteriors is the New Jersey roofing contractor here to help get your home back into tip-top shape.

Warning Signs that You’re in Need of A Attic Insulations Replacement

Animal and Insect Infestation

If you’ve noticed some light footsteps and slight rustling in your attic, you may have an animal or insect problem. Having animals and insects take up residence and nest in your attic can create major problems not only for the safety of you and your family but for the insulation system of your home as well. These nesting animals and insects can lead to the growth of bacteria and the spreading of viruses in your home and you may have to consider replacing your attic insulation.

Wet Insulation

Wet insulation occurs as a result of blocked vents, a leak in your roof, a flood as well as an absence of vapor barriers. Wet insulation leads to the growth of harmful bacteria and mold which can release harmful toxins into your home. Once moisture attaches itself to the insulation system, there’s no salvaging it as the moisture would render the insulation ineffective and dangerous. You would thus require an attic insulation replacement.

Changing Temperatures

Fluctuating temperatures within your home may be an indication that your home’s insulation system is faulty. The change in temperatures is a result of the insulation shifting or deteriorating. If you’re lucky, this problem can simply be remedied by resetting the insulation, adding additional insulation, or replacing parts of the insulation system.

Does Your Home Require an Attic Insulation Replacement?

Contact our certified roofing experts at Home Genius Exteriors we offer both insulation repairs and replacements for New Jersey homeowners. Our trusted team of expert roofing contractors is available to complete comprehensive roof inspection to determining the extent of your problem. Call us today to schedule a roof inspection with one of our trusted roof experts.

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