Tropical Storm Isaias Rips Through Maryland


Downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm

What started as a beautiful summer’s day quickly turned into a day of complete destruction when Tropical Storm Isaias decided to stop by the beachgoers of Maryland. Witnesses noticed that the wind started to pick up quite a bit and the waters became a little choppy.

Tropical Storm Isaias was downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm on the morning of the 4 August. The National Hurricane Center reported that Hurricane Isaias’s eye made landfall in North Carolina but that didn’t mean that Maryland was spared the destruction. Wind gusts reaching speeds of more than 70mph tore the roofs from homes, debris scattered the skyline of Ocean City and many tornadoes were reported in several parts of Wicomico County, Eastern Shore and in southern Maryland.


Total destruction

A life was sadly taken when the tropical storm uprooted a tree onto a moving car. Many homes, vehicles and commercial buildings were damaged and destroyed by the tropical storm. One home was even uprooted from its foundation. Major road networks were also blocked by uprooted trees and large debris.

Several powerlines were damaged across the state leaving nearly 50 000 homes without power. Heavy rainfall and ferocious winds lashed out on parts of the state causing many to take cover and seek refuge. The heavy rainfall clogged storm drains which led to certain road closures. The closures caused significant traffic congestion in certain parts of Calvert County.


Increased flooding

Flooding was reported in Charles County and the city of Annapolis. Flash flood warnings were issued by the National Weather Service in various parts of Maryland. Grasonville received the most rain, recording about 7.30 inches of rainfall. The most severe wind speeds were recorded in Bay Bridge, where winds reached 79mph.

States in certain parts of the country find themselves smack bang in hurricane season. This season can be really difficult for these communities as they experience a few months of total storm damage and destruction in Maryland. Homes are destroyed, people are displaced and unfortunately, sometimes lives are lost too. People are urged to take cover where they can and evacuate if possible.


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